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When a fan shared his honest defence to the negative reviews that Wonder Woman 1984 is being subjected to, Pedro Pascal tweeted his appreciation for the kind words.

Pedro Pascal plays the villain Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal applauds a fan’s detailed defence against negative reviews to Gal Gadot’s film


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Wonder Woman 1984 went through its fair share of delays in 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, come Christmas, the Gal Gadot starrer finally released theatrically as well as on HBO Max. While many praised the sequel, there was also the negative reviews which accompanied as online reactions. A fan of WW84 took to Twitter recently to share his honest defence against the negative reviews.

@AJYeend started his note by stating how it’s sad to know that in 2020, viewers are labelling heartfelt homage to past filmmaking as “cheesy” or that it’s considered “laughable” when a story suggests truth and love as something to aspire too. He also doesn’t understand how a film can be “preachy” when it highlights people’s own narcissism, megalomania and continual desire for the next best thing. While he admits that not everyone has to like a film but the comments on Twitter and Facebook which he’s seen so far on WW84 are a “red flag” to the state of the world and the human mindset. He noted how filmmaking and storytelling can’t be all white sugar and numbing out and instead, at its best, talks about the human condition.

“Dig down people, look in the mirror and have hope, we can and must do better. It’s easy to look to something outside of ourselves – for a hero with powers to fix things but we are our own problem and the sooner we acknowledge that the better – it just means we gotta get off our asses and do something about it. She saves the planet with a superpower that’s in all of us. #WW84,” the fan signed off with a praying gesture emoticon.

Reacting to the well thought out tweet was WW84 star Pedro Pascal, who plays the villain Maxwell Lord. “This is amazing,” the 45-year-old actor simply tweeted applauding the fan’s kind words.

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