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Rajkummar Rao’s Newton fails to make to the Oscars.

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Rajkummar Rao’s Newton revolves around a government clerk who tries to conduct fair voting on an election day amid the fear of guerrilla attacks and apathy of security forces. A while back, the reports came that Newton is out of the Oscars race. 
Post that, filmmaker Hansal Mehta took to Twitter and wrote, “Am tempted to use unparliamentary language with all those who are rejoicing and trolling me on the fact that Newton did not make it to the Oscars. Oscars or no Oscars, it remains one of the finest films made in our country in a long time.”
Well, we agree with Hansal as no award can take away the credibility of the film. In an exclusive interview with us, Rajkummar had said, “I am very proud of the film. It is something I can be proud of even after 50 years. The contribution of Newton to Hindi cinema will be huge.”
Talking about his preparation for his roles, Rajkummar had said, “After finishing my films, I try and take off for a couple of days and try to travel and take it out of my system and then prepare for my next. That is what I did with Newton, I finished Trapped then moved on to do this movie. Newton is all about honesty and sincerity of the character and that is what I was trying to imbibe in my personal life too. I tried and live the life with a lot of discipline, sincerity, and honesty in whatever I was doing. Then, of course, there is the physical thing which we thought of, that he will have curly hair and I kept that little blink in my eyes which hopefully work for the character. The script was so beautifully written that there was so much I took from it.”
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