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Here’s our music review of Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar.

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Secret Superstar is the story of an aspiring singer and her struggles with the family and society. The movie stars Dangal actor Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan in the lead roles. It is directed by Advait Chauhan and has been produced under Aamir Khan Productions banner. As the story is about an aspiring singer, you would expect some great music from the film and trust us, it won’t disappoint you in any way. 
Here’s our music review of Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar: 
Main Kaun Hoon 

Main Kaun Hoon – a perfect start to the jukebox – a song if listened to properly fits the bill and plot of the film. It shows the struggles of a secret superstar who is broken between her aspirations, dreams and what the society wants her to do. Sung by Meghna Mishra and composed by Amit Trivedi, Main Kaun Hoon will make you contemplate your own life. The lyrics by Kausar Munir add soul to this track – Koi yeh bata de main hoon kahaan, Koi to bata de mera pata, Sahi hai ke nahi meri yeh dagar, Loon ke nahi main apna ye safar. The musical instruments like acoustic guitar, drums and violin make this track a beautiful composition. 
Meri Pyaari Ammi

Meri pyari ammi jo hai, Mushkil mein hoti hoon, Ammi meri roti hai, Khushi mein bhi meri woh, Dupatta bhigoti hai, Ek ek aansu mein, Duaayein piroti hai, Koyi bataaye kya hai, Ammi aisi hoti hai – You would agree with every bit of this song. The 16-year-old Meghna Mishra with her powerful vocals takes the song to another level. If you are staying from the mother or call her the support system of your life, Meri Pyaari Ammi will leave you teary-eyed. In terms of musical setting, you would love the tunes of guitar, mandolin and the Chennai Strings. 
Sapne Re

Sapne Re has that freshness to it that will make you fall in love with the tunes of guitar and flute. This one has a traditional ‘pahadi’ feel to it. Sung by Meghna Mishra, the song might also remind you of the song Maine Kaha Phoolon Se. It’s the simplicity of the song that will keep you hooked.
I’ll Miss You

A teenage romantic song – I’ll Miss You doesn’t really fit into the context of the movie Secret Superstar. But that doesn’t take away the fact that Kushal Chokshi has sung it well and executed it in a perfect manner. The song has a Gujarati touch to it and it’s relatable in a way that we all have had our own teenage love stories. 
Nachdi Phira 

You can’t thank enough Aamir Khan for introducing this powerhouse of talent – Meghna Mishra. She has bared her soul for this song, but this is a type of song that will gradually grow on you. If you are a music buff, you would love the tunes of guitar, drums, keyboard and violin. 
Sexy Baliye

The last one in the jukebox is Mika Singh’s Sexy Baliye. The lyrics – Nachdi Phiran ban than ke… My Sexy Baliye – add that quirkiness to the song and is completely a foot tapping number. 
Verdict: Aamir Khan has introduced Meghna Mishra through Secret Superstar and you would agree with us, that she has devoted her soul to the album.
We give it 80 out of 100 on the Pinkvilla meter. 

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