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Here’s our music review of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s Jagga Jasoos.

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Jagga Jasoos is all set to release tomorrow and going by the funk element of the trailer, the songs had to have that flavour. Composed by Pritam, the movie has over 25 songs, but as it’s a musical, the filmmakers can’t give out every song. But, we decided to do the review with the songs which have come out. The movie, directed by Anurag Basu, features Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.
Here’s our music review of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s Jagga Jasoos:
Ullu Ka Pattha

Jaana na ho jahan wahin jata hai, Dil ullu ka pattha hai, Ullu le.. Ullu le..Thodi taqdeer kyun azmata hai, Dil ullu ka pattha hai
Ullu Ka Pattha is such a song that will instantly bring a smile on your face, all thanks to the lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The tunes of the song are infused with a meaningful course which will make you fall in love with Ullu Ka Pattha. Arijit Singh and Nikhita Gandhi through their powerful notes have made this song an upbeat fun number. For a music buff, the song has a buffet of instruments to offer – electric guitar, bass, keyboard and piano.
Galti Se Mistake

Galti Se Mistake starts with the tunes of dhol and pepa and you have an idea – the song is going to be a quirky one. Sung by Arijit Singh and Amit Mishra, Galti Se Mistake continues the tradition of Ullu Ka Pattha and is yet another fun number in the music album. Jhatka zara sa mehsoos hua ek, Life ki gaadi ne kass ke maara brake, Ho raha hai kyun confuse mere dil, Mashwara mera tu aazma ke dekh, Ye hi umar hai karle, Galti se mistake – lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya add that punk flavour to the song. 

The best part of the album is that the lyrics do connote a meaning and Jhumritalaiyya is no different. Mera gaanv Jhumri Telaiya hai, Tera gaanv shayad Timbuktu, Jinko milna hota milte hain, Chaahe phir ho jaayein udan-chhu, Kismat se takraaye hum dono, Koi qissa hoga toh shuru – the song is about two people falling in love on an unplanned journey. If you are on the first stage of your relationship and trying to understand your partner, this song is surely relatable. Arijit Singh and Mohan Kanan’s vocals have done wonders for the song. The guitar riff and acoustic guitar tunes set the proper feel and you would love to play the song while on a long drive with your special one. 
Phir Wahi

Arijit Singh has weaved magic in the song, Phir Wahi and if you are missing someone who once had an important place in your life, the song will make you teary-eyed. The choice of instruments for the song makes it worth listening to – you get to hear the transfusion of piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and guitar riffs. Dil kyun joda agar dil dukhana tha, Aaye kyun thhe agar tumko jaana tha, Jaate jaate labon pe bahana tha, Phir wahi, phir wahi – lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya – will make you emotional to the core. By this time, we are sure that music composer Pritam has done a great job with the direction and choosing Arijit for his album. 

As we all say, a story is incomplete without that perfect romantic number – and here we have Musafir. The song is a perfect fit for this rainy weather – just sit with the one you love and conversation is all that will matter. Play the song and let the feeling of romance and love seep in and I bet that you would listen to the song on loop. Main musafir banu, raasta ho tera, Manzilon se meri vaasta ho tera, Roshni se teri ho savera mera, Tu jahaan bhi rahe ho basera mera, Yahaan mera tere siva, Hai dooja nahi koi re, Akela mujhe chhod ke, Na jaana yun nirmohi re – Tushar Joshi’s vocals make the song magical and lyrics entails a beautiful meaning. Coming to the instrumental value of the song, Musafir does justice to the whole setting – you would love how drums, piano and electronic guitar with acoustic tunes intersect all throughout. 

Khaana Khaake

The song has come out and well, it will take some time to get the flow the song. Sung by Pritam, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Tushar, Geet Sagar, June, Antara, Amit, Ashwin, Aroh and Sunny, Khaana Khaake is peppy number/ What makes it more quirky is the instrumental quotient of the song – trumpet, electronic guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboard and bass are the instruments which have been incorporated. 
Verdict: Well, of course, as Jagga Jasoos is a musical so we don’t get to hear all the songs but the ones we got to listen truly justify the madness of the trailer. Pritam has done a great job with the selection of the music and singers like Arijit Singh, Tushar Joshi and Amit Mishra. 
We give it 80 out of 100 on Pinkvilla meter. 

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